TBD Crew was created by players from Tampa Bay Damage in cooperation with the incredible support of sponsors: Virtue Paintball and Central Florida Paintball.  The purpose of the team is to help rebuild tournament paintball in Florida and to establish a pool of ready talent for Tampa Bay Damage.  TBD Crew creates a direct path for players from the lowest division all the way to the professional level of the sport of paintball.  Our players not only learn the skills necessary to play the sport to the best of their ability but they also learn how to be the kind of player who deserves an opportunity to play the sport at the highest levels.


TBD Crew is more than a paintball team, it is an entire organization that provides everything that a player needs to excel in the sport.  Thanks to our sponsors we have affordable prices, the latest equipment, a dedicated pit staff, professional management and professional coaches.  We wanted to create the best environment and provide unique opportunities to players in Florida to make it the paintball powerhouse that it once was and will be again.

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